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Home Kitchenware 10 cm Ceramic Peeling Knife - Santoku

10 cm Ceramic Peeling Knife - Santoku

Ceramic Paring Knifewith 13 cm Blade
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Ceramic Paring Knifewith 13 cm Blade
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  • 10 cm Ceramic Peeling Knife - Santoku
  • Ceramic Paring Knifewith 13 cm Blade
Presentation of 10 cm Ceramic Peeling Knife - Santoku

10 cm Ceramic Peeling Knife - Santoku

Ceramic kitchen knives :

Ceramic kitchen knives offer a number of advantages. They have without doubt the best cutting quality, long-lasting cutting ability and they are neutral to taste. Thanks to the use of the ceramic material, these kitchen knives are very light and they represent just half the weight of Steel knives of a similar length. Because they are so hard the blades of these kitchen knives remain sharp for a longer than average period. Ceramic kitchen knives are also very resistant to corrosion and to acid because of their smooth and very dense surface. Ceramic is easy to maintain : simply wipe it with a damp cloth, dry it and store it carefully in its protective envelope. The blades of these kitchen knives are made from a particularly pure powder of zirconium oxide which is pressed at 1,500 bars and then compressed in special sintering ovens at temperatures of 1,500ºC. This creates a highly resistant blade that is almost as hard as diamond, but which is not unbreakable (read below).

Advice for use and upkeep of ceramic knives :

Be sure to follow all of the necessary precautions because the ceramic blade is extremely sharp. Ceramic knives are designed for cutting food. Do not use them to press something down or to produce a lever effect. Ceramic blades are not shock-proof. Never let a ceramic knife fall onto a hard surface. To ensure the ongoing quality of the blade of a ceramic knife, it is recommended that you use a wooden or PP chopping board. Never use the ceramic knife to cut hard objects, such as frozen food items, bones, metal, etc. Do not hold the ceramic blade near a flame (ceramic has strong thermal conduction properties). Do not clean the ceramic blade with a metallic brush. After use, wash the ceramic knife with a gentle washing detergent. Keep the ceramic knife in the protective sleeve provided. We do not recommend washing the knife in a dishwasher. Keep out of the reach of children.

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